Monday, May 14, 2012

We bought a house

In my last post I kind of glossed over the really big news in all the dog excitement. I think I was sleep-deprived, a little sick (still feeling that way), and it hadn't really sunk in.


We bought a house. We bought a friggin' house.

View from the backyard. Yes, that's a firepit.
On Friday when we went to pick up the keys, we had this moment that cannot be described as excitement, joy, or any other emotion you would expect from first time home buyers. It was anxiety, verging on dread. It was reality settling in. We walked into an empty house and instantly visualized the list of chores, repairs, and responsibilities all piling on top of one another. To be succinct, shit got real.

The dining room. I only have a few random photos of the interior.
There was not a whole lot of smiling that day. I mean, don't get me wrong, we are so happy to be able to buy a house, we love the house that we found along with the neighborhood, and we are glad that we are no longer wasting money on rent but can instead put those funds into something real. But, it is a huge responsibility. 1700 sq feet, to be exact, and that's not including the backyard.

Our pool is looking a little green, but we're working on it.
Since then, our moods have improved. It's only been three days, but we've been checking things off the list at a steady pace. Then we got to spend an hour or so yesterday with our friends' dog. Getting out into nature a bit was just the sort of mind-clearing activity I needed, even as my allergies assaulted me.

We are now in the midst of moving our lives a couple miles south of midtown. The furniture will go this weekend, but until then we are moving all the odds and ends at a comfortable pace. It's been great so far, because we are able to reuse our boxes by taking multiple trips.

I'm a bit sad to be leaving all the great restaurants that are within walking range, to say goodbye to the McClatchy Branch Library where I always walk to pick up my holds, and to no longer be able to wake up on weekends and stroll with my husband over to Temple Coffee where they serve the greatest Americano known to man.

But guys, we bought a house!


  1. SOOOOOOO EXCITING!!!! Congrats, Meg!!!! You will love it. It'll just be an adjustment. When we bought our house we also moved from a great rental where we could walk to coffee shops, restaurants, book stores, etc. But I really, really love my little house. Yours looks amazing. And a pool! Wha?? Very cool. Congrats to you both. I want to see lots of updates here on the blog.

  2. Wow! Congratulations! Your house looks amazing! And a pool too?! Awesome! Keep us updated!

  3. Urm, serious house envy going on here :) A pool and what looks like the cutest shed in the world!! Congratulations on the house purchase, it's a big step but so much fun decorating and making it your own. xx

  4. Yay, congrats! That is so exciting! And it looks like the perfect place to add all of your creative touch[es] too :)

  5. Yay! You finally bought one! I am so so happy for you!


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