Wednesday, April 18, 2012

In the Works Wednesday -- April 18th, 2012

Who's that?

Oh! It's me! With about ten pounds less hair on my head.

Don't you love my necklace? It's from Courtney.

Currently working on this new 'do. I literally JUST got back from the hairdresser, who is an awesome, awesome lady capable of working miracles on my ratty hair.

And I'm knitting this sweater with some of the worst yarn I have ever worked with. I will just be happy to use this stuff up.

What do you have in the works?


  1. Your hair looks fabulous! I just cut my hair off too!
    That yarn may be hard to work with...but it certainly looks cute! :)

  2. i LOVE the hair. a really, really good cut.

  3. Cute cut, I just cut mine this week too. I think shorter for summer is always better!!!

  4. Your hair looks super cute! And just in time for summer! I sometimes consider chopping a whole bunch of mine off...but just cannot get myself to do it yet!

  5. Your hair looks so amazing! Beautiful both ways of course :) I bet it feels so good and health too! I'm itching to get rid of a good few inches of my split ends, but still working on growing it out at the same time.

  6. The hair is so cute! I love it! Kinda makes me want to chop all of mine off.

  7. Meg you look amazing! That haircut is EXACTLY what I've been debating doing myself! I want a long and dramatically angled bob with side swept bangs... Yet for whatever reason I keep avoiding hacking off all my damaged ombre ends.... I LOVE LOVE LOVE how fresh and clean it looks, mature while still being playful and so flattering!

    Are you still loving it? Would you be offended if I blatantly copied your cut?

    <3 <3 <3


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